In this case, a broadstrike coin is minted outside the collar due to a malfunction of the monetary press. The collar, is the retaining ring that establishes the final diameter of the coin just minted and sometimes also impresses the engravings on the edge.

A broadstrike expands the coin beyond the normal diameter, sometimes drastically, because the collar is not in the predetermined position at the time of minting. The design elements are complete and centered with the totally smooth edge (E.B.1).

broadstrike coin

(E.B.1) 500 Lire 1982 R Quirinale - Repubblica Italiana
O/ and R/ Broadstrike - 100% smooth edge. Diameter 28.80 mm. Sena Coins collection

Conversely, that is, when the coin is minted outside the collar and the design elements are complete but not perfectly centered, this error is referred to as wide off-center strike (E.B.2).
In very rare cases, this error can be combined with other types of errors (E.B.3).

broadstrike coin

(E.B.2) 500 Lire 1989 R Quirinale - Repubblica Italiana
O/ e R/ Wide off-center strike. 100% smooth edge - Diameter 26.50 mm. Sena Coins collection

broadstrike coin

(E.B.3) 500 Lire 1987 R Quirinale - Repubblica Italiana
O/ and R/ Double overlapping broadstrike with axis shifted by 15°. Double straight head. 100% smooth edge- Diameter 27.1 mm. Ex Sena Coins Collection. SEB collection

broadstrike coin

Regno d'Italia - Vittorio Emanuele III - 20 Centesimi 1919 R Esagono
O/ and R/ Broadstrike on cracked planchet at the time of minting. M. Righi Collection

In any case, the edge of the coin will be smooth (without any engravings) and the design elements always complete.
When the design is cut, we speak of instead of an off-center strike.

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