Folded edge

This type of error is generated by a marginal break, ie along the edge of one of the blanking punches installed on the punching press. In this case, when the broken punch shears the planchet, it generates a sort of metal tab on the edge which will then be flattened inwards over the surface of the round during the hemming process (E.T.14). Usually, the edge on the opposite side of the coin also exhibits a discrepancy caused by the different pressure to which the edge area affected by the marginal break of the punch is subjected at the moment of blanking.

This type of error is not repetitive (identical coins are no longer found) and to be completely formed requires the intervention of three different machines: the punching press, the hemming machine and the monetary press.
Specimens with a large folded area are very rare.

tondello con bordo ripiegato

(E.T.14) Kingdom of Italy - Vittorio Emanuele III - 20 Centesimi 1942 R Impero
R/ Folded edge from 11.00 to 13.00 . Sena Coins collection

tondello con bordo ripiegato1

Kingdom of Italy - Vittorio Emanuele III - 50 Centesimi 1942 R Impero
R/ Folded edge from 10.00 to 11.00 . M. Righi collection

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