Multiple die crack

The multiple die crack consists of two or more distinct cracks starting from different points of the die along the design elements without meeting (E.C.7). One or more of these cracks can also present as a multiple and branch crack (E.C.8).

The multiple die crack manifests itself on the coin as two or more distinct raised metal lines that run through the design elements without meeting.

frattura del conio multipla

(E.C.7) 50 Lire 1991 R Vulcano II Tipo - Italian Republic
R/ Multiple die crack. Ex Sena Coins collection. Onir collection

frattura del conio multipla1

(E.C.8) 50 Centesimi 1941 R Impero - Vittorio Emanuele III
Multiple and branched die crack. Ex Sena Coins collection. Onir collection

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