Struck core

During the assembly process of the two components, it may happen that the outer ring does not descend into the vacuum of the rotating disc that feeds the planchets inside the beating chamber. In this case, only the core will be minted. Currently, examples with single and double strike off-center  are known (E.T.19). Further possible combinations with striking errors or planchet errors are not to be excluded. Also in these cases they are rare and sought after by collectors.

Solo disco centrale coniato

(E.T.19) Repubblica Italiana - 500 Lire Quirinale senza data
D/ e R/ Struck core. Ex Sena Coins collection. Falco collection

To distinguish a genuine minted core from one that has been tampered with outside the Mint by removing the outer ring, attention must be paid to the embossed reliefs on the obverse and reverse. When the core is inserted alone inside the beating chamber, it does not assume a correct position and consequently the reliefs are minted off-center. In addition, the central disc undergoes a slight expansion caused by the pressure added to the absence of friction with the collar. In some specimens it is possible to notice any traces of scratches on the contour generated by the contact of the flange with the collar at the time of minting.

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