Straight clip

The straight clips are produced when the metal plate inserted inside the punching press is narrower than normal. In these cases, the metal plate does not adhere to the lateral guides installed on the press and moves laterally, causing the punches to cut it over the edge.

In the case of bimetallic planchets, the clip can be found on the outer ring or on the core and it cannot be excluded that it can also be found in a combined form with other types of minting errors.

tondello tranciato pizzicato dritto clipped coins

Island - 100 Kronur 1995 - One straight clip. collection

tondello tranciato pizzicato dritto1 clipped coins

Ireland - 50 Pence 1999 - One straight clip. collection

anello esterno pizzicato dritto clipped coins

Ghana - 100 Cedis 1991 - One straight clip on outer ring. collection

tondello pizzicato dritto e curvo clipped coins

Israel - 1 Agorah 1974 - One straight clip and one curved clip. collection

tondello pizzicato dritto battitura decentrata clipped coins

Pakistan - 2 Roupies 2018 - Off center strike on straight clip. collection

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