Misaligned center hole

This particular type of error is generated by an incorrect perforation of the outer ring. If the hole intended to contain the internal round or the final blanking of the outer ring is not centered, the core and consequently the coin will have an off-centered core.

This happens even if it remains difficult to understand how it is possible that the core fell into the center of the hole and assembled correctly on a non-conforming outer ring before being minted regularly (E.T.28). These specimens, although rarely, can be found inside the rolls packed inside the mint.

This is a type of error on the planchet wood much sought after and appreciated by collectors in the sector.

Disco centrale decentrato 2

Italian Republic - 500 Lire 1983 R Quirinale
O/ e R/ Misaligned center hole. Sena Coins collection.

Disco centrale decentrato 1

Italian Republic - 500 Lire 1987 R Quirinale
O/ e R/ Misaligned center hole. Ex Sena Coins collection. Aiello collection

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