Struck trough coin fragment

This type of error occurs when a flap of previously coined metal is not ejected from the beating chamber. Simultaneously, another planchet is inserted from the feed arm into the beating chamber, which is struck together with the coin fragment. Subsequently, the fragment detaches itself from the coin creating a cavity containing the image of the flap minted in incuse and in an inverted position superimposed on the reliefs partially impressed by the coin.

This error is part of the family "partial brockage", a topic dealt with in the next sub-category typing struck trough coin - Brockage.

The simpler it will be to see the incused and inverted drawings inside the cavity, the more rare and expensive this minting error will be. The rarity is given by the fact that a coin fragment could escape from the beating room immediately after the minting of the first coin, thus generating a unique and precious piece. This type of error is extremely rare and hitherto unpublished on coins minted in Italian mint. Probably, this is due to the scarce availability of these coins.

In the following pages we can admire the first known examples of Italian coins that show a struck trough coin fragment, distinguished on the basis of 3 different positions that the flap involved can take:

Face up: normally oriented incuse design elements (E.B.29).

Face down: raised design elements with mirror image (E.B.30).

Held between the flange and the opposite die: design elements in incuse with mirror image of the opposite side (E.B.31 and E.B.32).

battitura attraverso frammento di moneta

(E.B.29) 10 Centesimi 1943 R Impero - Vittorio Emanuele III
O/ Ear and hair incused inside the hollow normally oriented (face up) Weight 4.90 gr. First known specimen. Sena Coins collection

battitura attraverso frammento di moneta

100 Lire 1962 R Minerva I tipo - Repubblica Italiana
R / Incused edge inside the hellow. Mirror image (outline). First known specimen. Taschini collection

battitura attraverso frammento di moneta

(E.B.32) 5 Lire 1953 R Delfino - Repubblica Italiana
R / Rudder incused inside the quarry. Mirror image (opposite side). First known specimen. Ex collection Sena Coins Collection

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