Curved clip

Curved clips are produced when the metal plate advances inside the punching press at a lower speed than the predetermined one. The perforation takes place on a portion of the plate previously perforated.

tondello tranciato pizzicato curvo clipped coins

European Union - 10 Eurocent. - One curved clip on unstruck planchet. collection

tondello tranciato pizzicato curvo

(E.T.11) Italian Republic - 100 Lire 1956 R Minerva 1° type
O/ and R/ One curved clip. Weight 7.65 gr. Ex Sena Coins collection. Pintore collection

To certify the authenticity of such errors, it is necessary to examine the edge near the two corners that coincide with the curved clip.

effetto blakesley

If necessary, we look for a sort of groove that is created near one or both corners of the round at the time of minting due to the pressure exerted by the monetary press (red arrow) and a possible expansion or evanescence of the reliefs involved in the curved clip. (green Arrow).

Secondly, we identify the Blakesley effect (blue arrows).

effetto blakesley1

The Blakesley effect bears the name of the American expert who discovered and made it known. It consists of a portion of a flat edge that always appears on the diametrically opposite side of the coin, generally of the same width as the pinched area. However, this effect does not always occur in coins minted on curved clips.

This edge area, called flat, is generated because the hemming machine is unable to exert the necessary pressure in the clipped area and this implies that the edge, positioned in the point diametrically opposite to the planchet, may not rise up and remain flat.

In the case of bimetallic coins, the clip can be found on the outer ring or on the core.

disco centrale tranciato curvo

European Union - Germany - 1 Euro 2002 F -One curved clip on core. collection

This type of error can also be found combined with other types of errors.

tondello tranciato pizzicato curvo disco centrale accavallato

United Kingdom - Elizabeth II - 2 Pounds 2007
Misaligned core on curved clip on outer ring. Collection

Furthermore, it may happen that the slab is perforated between two or more clips, creating double or triple curved clips on planchet.

doppia tranciatura curva

United Kingdom - Elizabeth II - 2 Pounds 1999 - Two curved clip on core. collection

tripla tranciatura curva

United Kingdom - Elizabeth II - 2 Pounds 2015 - Triple curved clip on outer ring. collection

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