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Welcome to the world's first search engine for minting errors.

This platform is based on a server that allows for infinite storage of coins and the secure transfer of unlimited data at the fastest available speed. Every collector and every numismatic expert has the possibility to catalog online and definitively every single minting error coming from his own collection or from the global numismatic market. Each collector of minting errors can upload their coins to the database dedicated to each country in the world. Anyone can join our community and start sharing coins with us. This search engine is also suitable for people who do not have coins to share and who want to start studying for free through coins shared by other users.

Unity is strength. With your free registration, the database will become larger and more efficient over time and the coins you register now through your account will be cataloged forever. Coin registrations made through the user profile are carefully examined by Alessio Sena. We will approve requests based on the category and sub-category of the minting error and will assign the correct keywords based on the description you provide. Each approved coin will be immediately visible in the "My Collection" panel and in the public search engine. Approval in the database does not certify the authenticity of the coin. To obtain an official certificate of authenticity visit

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